Consistent with its mission as a public institution of higher education, SUNY New Paltz sponsors a broad spectrum of opportunities and services for graduate students in its service region. Although there is a stringent set of criteria for matriculation in a degree program, most students will have access to post-baccalaureate study at New Paltz. Although enrollment in some courses is restricted to matriculated students, many courses have prerequisites, and many others are open and available to students with graduate standing regardless of their field of preparation.

Graduate study at New Paltz presupposes a rigorous course of study at a higher level, and greater depth than at the undergraduate level. Matriculated students follow a prescribed program, the “plan of study,” and must remain in academic good standing. Other students may register for courses for which they are qualified without regard to a “plan of study.”

Non-degree students who subsequently apply for matriculation are considered in a manner similar to undergraduate transfer students. That is, graduate credits earned before matriculation will be evaluated by the department to determine which, if any, may be applied to the degree. Factors to be considered in evaluating these credits include the grade received, the accreditation status of the school, and, for rapidly changing fields, the currency of skills and information covered in the courses.

The non-degree classification includes visiting students, students in the last term of their baccalaureate study, and others who do not plan to work toward a degree. Upon request, New Paltz will provide an official transcript of all graduate courses completed and the grades earned. No official status or obligation pertains to non-degree students.