Advanced study in Communication and English can be a passport to any number of careers where employers value communication and research skills, proficiency with digital technologies, and the ability to think critically to solve complex programs. 


       MA Strategic Communication

The Master of Arts in Strategic Communication offers conceptual and applied knowledge taught by scholars who study communication dynamics and by practitioners who put this knowledge into practice in industry. Throughout the program, students will develop their skills in identifying, analyzing, and solving communication problems across a wide range of contexts, with particular attention to non-profit organizations and issues of sustainability. Core courses provide students with a foundation of knowledge and tools for communication while electives offer the opportunity to pursue individualized and interdisciplinary plans of study. An approved internship may substitute for one elective course. 

Three Ways To Engage With English

       MA English

Work with Dedicated Faculty

Students in our MA English program value the close mentorship they receive from our faculty, the camaraderie of the graduate student community, and the passionate discussion and thought they find in intimate graduate seminars—all of our courses enroll 15 or fewer students. The program offers specializations in Creative Writing and Literature.

Broaden Your Teaching Career 

This dual master’s degree program prepares students with a pedagogical foundation in adolescence education while also offering a thorough grounding in literary history and theory in preparation for careers in secondary or community college teaching and other professional opportunities. Students must already be enrolled in MA English or MAT Adolescence Education programs before applying to the MA/MAT program. 

       BA/MA English 

Join a Select Cohort 

A community of BA/MA English students who are passionate about learning, prepared for an advanced curriculum, and seeking to work alongside peers who are similarly engaged. Students must maintain a 3.5 GPA in undergraduate English courses to qualify.