Program Overview

Program Coordinator Cyrus Mulready, (845) 257-2739,
Program ID 204M
Credits 120 UG + 30 GR
Program Length The MA can be completed in one additional year of study if enrolled full-time, but students must complete the degree within 7 years.
Modality In-person
Full-time/Part-time Full-time or Part-Time
Transfer Credits 6
Capstone Comprehensive Exam or Thesis

Program Description

The Five-Year Master Plan is a pathway to earning two powerful credentials, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree and a Master of Arts (MA) degree, in just five years. The BA/MA program in English is designed to provide a clear path for New Paltz students majoring in English Liberal Arts or Creative Writing to complete the MA degree in one year. Students in this program begin taking graduate courses during their senior year earning ten credits of graduate course work by the time they complete their BA degree. They are then able to complete the MA degree requirements by enrolling in ten credits during the subsequent fall and spring terms.

How does it work?

QUALIFY for early admission as junior majoring in English or Creative Writing by earning a 3.5 GPA in English courses and completing ENG 300 Seminar in Critical Practices.

APPLY online to the BA/MA program in English (major 204M) during the junior year.

UPLOAD a personal statement explaining interest in the 4+1 program, a writing sample of no longer than 10 pages, contact information for two references (one of which must be from the English Department), and an unofficial transcript.

GET AHEAD by completing ten credits of graduate course work during the senior year and enjoy a tuition savings of $175/credit.

COMPLETE the MA degree program requirements in just one year.

Apply to a SUNY New Paltz graduate programAdmission Requirements

During the junior year, students should meet with Professor Mulready to prepare for their graduate application:

Application Procedures

  • Apply using the link above to our new application system.
  • Create an account(if new to applying) and follow the steps. 
  • Select the fall term when you would like to begin your graduate coursework and major code (204M).
    NOTE: This program only admits for the fall term.
  • Select the “4+1 BA/MA English Program” as the intended curriculum.

Upload Checklist Items

To expedite a faculty review of an application, students may upload the following items:

  • Personal statement explaining your interest in the 4+1 program in English
  • Writing sample of no more than 10 pages in length
  • Contact information for two references (one of which must be from the English Department)
  • Student copies of transcripts* from every college/university attended
  • Full admission REQUIRES the submission of official transcripts and test scores.

Check Your Application Status

Upon admission to the BA/MA program in English, the student's undergraduate major code will be updated to 522M to reflect admission to the BA/MA Program in English. And, a new progress report will become available via reflecting 10 credits of graduate courses from the MA English plan below.

ENG551 Academic Writing Seminar1
ENG552 Advanced Research Methods1
ENG553 Career Seminar1
THREE courses in Literature BEFORE 18009
THREE courses in Literature AFTER 18009
ONE course in Literary Criticism and Theory with advisor approval: ENG 555 or ENG5853
Select TWO electives with approval from advisor6
Total Credits30
Academic Standing Requirements for Bachelor's/Master's Students

A cumulative GPA of less than 3.0 in graduate-level courses taken in the undergraduate portion of a 4+1 program precludes the student’s good standing.  Students with GPA of 2.75 to 2.99 strongly advised to reconsider continuing into GR program.  Students below 2.75 may not continue and will be de-matriculated from GR program. 

Undergraduate Program Learning Outcomes

English (BA)

Students in our major will learn: 

  • To read attentively, reflectively, and critically. [Literary Studies] 

  • To compose thoughtful, coherent, well-developed essays following rhetorically appropriate conventions of grammar, punctuation, and style. [Written & Oral Communication] 

  • To quote, summarize, paraphrase, and cite primary and secondary sources appropriately and persuasively to advance an interpretive argument. [Written & Oral Communication / Information Management] 

  • To engage with traditions and current directions in literary scholarship and critical theory. [Literary Studies / Diversity] 

  • To demonstrate awareness of historical and cultural context and how it shapes literary texts. [Critical Thinking / Literary Studies/Diversity] 

  • To analyze texts in aesthetic, social, and political terms, reflecting on our own and others’ diverse identities. [Critical Thinking/Diversity] 

Additionally, students pursuing our Creative Writing concentration will learn: 

  • To compose well-crafted, original works in the forms of poetry, fiction, drama, and creative nonfiction. [Written & Oral Communication / Creative Writing Studies] 

Graduate Program Learning Outcomes 

English (MA)

Candidates who successfully complete all required components of the Master of Arts in  English program at SUNY New Paltz will: 

  • Proficiency in the critical and/or theoretical reading of literary texts. 
  • Mastery of the conventions of discipline-specific academic discourse.
  • Ability to conduct advanced research. 
  • Effective oral communication skills through intensive class discussion and formal presentations. 
  • Knowledge of premodern literary cultures. 
  • Knowledge of modern literary cultures.