Enrich Your Classroom

MSEd Childhood Education (grades 1-6)
Specialize in: Reading/Literacy, or STEM Education

MSEd Adolescence Education (grades 7-12)
Specialize in: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, English, Mathematics, or Social Studies

Literacy and Language Development

MSEd Literacy Education (grades B-6)
MSEd Literacy Education (grades 5-12)
MSEd Second Language Education (TESOL) (all-grades)
MSEd Second Language Education (non-certification)

Focus on Special Education

MSEd Special Education: Early Childhood (B-2)
MSEd Special Education: Childhood Education (1-6)
MSEd Special Education: Adolescence Education (7-12)

Engage in Social Justice Education

MPS Social Justice Educational Studies (leads to NYS Prof Cert for Special Subject Teachers)
MPS Social Justice Educational Studies (general program suitable for K-12 teachers who want to learn about and apply social justice education principles in their classroom. Student must seek individual pathway for professional certification.)