Bachelor's + Master's Degree in 5 Years

Any Undergraduate Major





Become A Teacher

It's never too late to become an educator. SUNY New Paltz offers two pathways for non-certified students who have bachelors’ degrees in an approved academic discipline and who wish to earn a NYS teaching credential.

Diversify Your Teaching Portfolio

Expand your areas of expertise by adding a new certification to your teaching portfolio.

Childhood & Adolescence Education

​Literacy Education (Available Online)

Second Language Education

Special Education

Social Justice Advocacy in Nonprofits & Higher Education

Advance Your Teaching Career

Already have a master's degree? Enhance your marketability with one of our Advanced Certificates.

Broaden Your Opportunities

Three ways to engage in English

Become a Counselor, Behavior Analyst, Speech Pathologist, Music Therapist or Researcher

Behavior Analysis

Communication Disorders


Music Therapy

Psychological Research

Succeed in Business, Engineering or Computer Science


Technology & Design


Establish a Professionally Sustainable Art Practice