Apply to a SUNY New Paltz graduate programAdmission Requirements

  • One official copy of all undergraduate and graduate course work; both the baccalaureate and master’s transcripts should be from regionally accredited institutions with a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average at the graduate level.
  • A valid permanent/professional New York State teaching certificate.
  • Three letters of recommendation from practicing school administrators. 
  • Proof from the school district of at least three years of teaching experience prior to graduation.
  • An essay that addresses the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders
  • A completed graduate application.

Curriculum Requirements (401A)

(Master’s degree + 30 credits)

Master’s degree (30 Credits)
Upon matriculation, work with your advisor to identify and transfer up to 30 credits from master's degree.30
Required Courses (24 Credits)
EDA763Educational Supervision and Accountability 3
EDA793Ed Admin Selected Topic3
EDA769The Principalship 3
EDA772Administrative Theory and Practice 3
EDA789The Superintendency 3
EDA784Curriculum Development for Administrators 3
EDA776Finance and Revenue Management 3
EDA775New York State Education Law and Policy Implementation 3
Internship in Educational Administration (6 Credits)
EDA701Internship in Educational Administration and Supervision6
or EDA702 Internship In Educational Administration and Supervision II
Total Credits60

Program Requirements

  • File a “plan of study” with your assigned advisor within 90 days after matriculation. Matriculation must be completed prior to completing 6 credits.
  • Complete prescribed course work and other requirements within five years of matriculation.
  • Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better, with no more than two grades below B-.
  • Complete an approved Child Abuse Seminar.
  • Complete an approved S.A.V.E. Seminar (Those who take EDA775 will have satisfied the state’s requirements.)
  • Passing of appropriate State Education Department leadership exam(s).

Upon completion of the CAS program and passing of SED exam(s), the College will recommend the candidate to the State Education Department for certification. The State Education Department grants certificates in September and February for those who apply through New Paltz.


SBL/SDL Intern: Students must complete the three core courses and one additional administrative elective course (under advisement) before applying for the Internship.

All students applying for an Internship must submit the Internship Proposal Application to the department by the posted deadline (May 1st for Fall Semester Internship; December 1st for Spring Semester Internship). For inquiries concerning the Internship Proposal Application, contact your advisor. Prospective intern candidates will be notified by the Intern Coordinator regarding deficiencies or acceptance.