Once a student receives an offer of admission to a graduate program and confirms the student's intention to enroll, the student should meet with the assigned adviser to complete a Plan of Study. The Plan of Study lists all of the courses that will comprise the student's degree program. It should be signed by the student, the student’s academic adviser(s), the department chair, and is approved by the Assistant Vice President for Graduate & Extended Learning. Graduate students pursuing a degree in adolescence education must have their plans approved by the Education and Content area advisers. Only two courses below B- (2.67 on the 4.00 scale) will be counted toward a graduate degree. Matriculated students with four or more grades below B- will forfeit their matriculated status. Please note that neither undergraduate courses, nor graduate courses with a grade of F may be included on a graduate Plan of Study.

An official Plan of Study must be forwarded to Graduate & Extended Learning for final approval by the Assistant Vice President by end of the student’s first semester of coursework following matriculation. Subsequent minor revisions to the plan may be made using the “Request for Change in Plan of Study” form which is available from the academic adviser(s) or from the Graduate Studies website at: http://www.newpaltz.edu/graduate/forms.html. If the student requires more extensive revision to his/her original plan of study, then a replacement plan should be filed with the office of Graduate & Extended Learning.