Residence credit is defined as credit earned in courses offered by New Paltz full-time or adjunct professors. Twenty-four semester hours of graduate study normally constitute the minimum residence credit requirement for graduate degrees.

Transfer Credits

NOTE: Transfer credits are not included in the cumulative GPA calculation. 

A matriculated graduate student may transfer up to nine* (9) credits if:

  • The course was taken at the graduate level at an accredited institution.
  • ​A grade of B or better was earned in the course.
  • The course may be no older than seven years.
  • Graduate credits taken as an undergraduate will transfer if they meet the above criteria, regardless of their prior use to fulfill undergraduate degree requirements.

For transfer credits to be posted to the New Paltz transcript, these conditions must be met. The Office of Graduate, Professional & Interdisciplinary Studies requires an official copy of the transcript, the course must be listed on an approved Plan of Study (or amended Plan of Study) and a New Paltz equivalent course must be assigned by the department. The Graduate Credit Transfer Request form may be downloaded from our website at Policies & Forms | SUNY New Paltz

* Some departments may accept fewer than nine (9) credits in transfer.