Our joint MA/MAT program is designed for students who wish to have the benefits of additional graduate study in English through the MA program and who wish to earn a New York State teaching credential (grades 7-12, English) through the MAT program.

The program is open to graduate students matriculated in the MA English or the MAT Adolescence Education: English program in good academic standing with a minimum 3.0 GPA without any grades of F (fail) or I (incomplete). Students are able to share 9 credits of English between the two degree programs and save more than $4000 in tuition. 

For program information contact:

Dr. Cyrus Mulready, Graduate Program Director, Department of English 

Dr. Mary Sawyer, Associate Professor, Department of Teaching & Learning 

For admission information contact: 

Graduate & Extended Learning at gradstudies@newpaltz.edu  

Apply to a SUNY New Paltz graduate programAdmission Requirements

To Apply, students must: 
  1. Select the term when they plan to begin their second graduate degree program. For example, if students plan to graduate in May 2019, then they should select Fall 2019 as their entry term for the second degree.  

  2. Select the MA/MAT concentration code of their second graduate degree program  
    >>103E for current or former MA English majors looking to add the MAT program.  
    >>204E for current or former MAT majors looking to add the MA degree. 

  3. Upload an application essay explicating their reasons for seeking the additional degree. 

  4. Upload an internal transcript of graduate level coursework completed thus far at New Paltz. 

  5. Upload GRE score report if applicable (This requirement is waived for applicants with 3.5 GPA from their initial master’s.) 

  6. Request one additional letter of recommendation.  

>>MA students pursuing the MAT (103E) would need a letter from an individual who can speak to their talents for working with young people. 
>>MAT students pursuing the MA (204E) would need a letter from an English professor.