Students who are accumulating more than the minimum number of credits required to earn a degree (120) are expected to be taking courses required for graduation. The College reserves the right to refuse the registration of a student not complying with this expectation. (Policy change effective 11/1/06).

Students who have completed 120 credits will not be allowed to withdraw from a course without permission of the Dean of the college that houses the major. (Policy change effective 9/11/06.)

Degree Time Limitation

Students matriculated in a bachelor’s degree program at the College who fail to maintain enrollment for two (2) consecutive semesters are administratively withdrawn from the College, unless they have been granted a Leave of Absence. Students who are administratively withdrawn must apply for readmission before they will be permitted to resume their studies.

  • If the standards of admission in effect at the time of application for readmission are met, and the student has not been separated from the College for more than three (3) years (six consecutive semesters), the student may be admitted to the degree program in effect at the time of their separation from the College.
  • If more than three (3) years (six semesters) have passed since the student’s last date of attendance at the College, the student is responsible for all New Paltz, SUNY, and degree requirements (General Education and major requirements) in effect at the time of readmission. Exceptions to this may be made at the discretion of the appropriate academic dean. (Policy changes effective March 2009.)
  • See also the policies on Leave of Absence, Readmission, and Withdrawal from the College.

Course Time Limitation

If an undergraduate has been gone for more than seven (7) years, all of the completed courses may not be honored. Exceptions to this may be made at the discretion of the appropriate academic dean. (Policy change effective March 2009.)