Location: Old Main Building, Room B106
Phone: (845) 257-3580
E-mail: CSS@newpaltz.edu
Website: http://www.newpaltz.edu/studentsuccess/

Our focus is on student learning and student success.

Our Mission

The Center for Student Success promotes student learning, academic engagement, and timely degree completion through the coordination of peer-based academic support programs. The Center fosters student persistence and enhanced individualized student outcomes through timely communication between faculty, staff an students..

Through collaborative efforts with faculty, academic departments and student services, the Center provides an inclusive, student-oriented learning environment which stimulates academic engagement and the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and personal attributes in support of lifelong learning.

Our Student Learning Outcomes

As a result of participation in our services (peer advising, writers’ studio, subject tutoring), students will:

  • Be able to identify skills and strategies to study effectively, manage time, and set and achieve academic goals.
  • Be able to utilize skills and strategies to solve novel problems across academic disciplines and overcome obstacles to learning.
  • Gain confidence in their ability to persist in their academic pathway at New Paltz toward a timely graduation.

Students employed at the Center for Student Success (Peer Advisors, Peer Writing Consultants, and Peer Subject Tutors) will:

  • Develop a comprehensive set of skills and tools to communicate effectively in order to build rapport, facilitate learning, and work across differences.
  • Develop a personal leadership style that leverages individual strengths and guides and motivates peers.

How to Schedule a Session at the CSS

Our Services

Writers’ Studio

SUNY New Paltz students from any major can sign up for a free, 30-minute, one-on-one session with a peer writing consultant. Peer writing consultants are fellow SUNY NP students who are trained to help you identify your strengths and work toward goals for your academic writing assignments. Regular sessions at the Writers’ Studio can go a long way toward helping you develop the confidence and skills necessary to be an effective communicator in college and beyond.

What can I work on in a Writers’ Studio session?

Any academic writing assignment, at any stage of the writing process. Peer writing consultants help you work on your assignment while developing your writing skills.

The Writers’ Studio is not:

  • A drop-off or editing service: We collaborate with you to help you become a better writer. We do not proofread or correct grammar.
  • A place for emergencies: We focus on building writing skills over time. To get the most out of your sessions, be proactive and come in well before the day your paper is due.
  • Qualified to provide assistance with job/internship cover letters, or scholarship/graduate school essays. Please visit the Career Resource Center for this service.

English Language Learners and ESL Students

The Center for Student Success has a Graduate Assistant who provides specialized writing support to students who are non-native English speakers.

To meet with our Graduate Assistant, make an appointment on my.newpaltz.edu under Center for Student Success - Writers' Studio for English Language Learners and ESL Students.

Peer Advising

Peer advisors are trained, upper-level students who can help you build academic skills, understand key educational technologies, and utilize campus resources. Our peer advisors come from a variety of backgrounds and majors, all with a common interest of helping other students find personal and academic success. 

How to Meet with a Peer Advisor

Services are being offered remotely via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Our Peer Advisors are available for both drop-in visits and for scheduled coaching appointments. Visit the CSS Peer Advising web page to learn the ways a Peer Advisor can help you and how to check their availability and schedule appointments.

Tutoring Services

Peer Subject Tutoring at the Center for Student Success provides a collaborative environment where you can come to get help, to work through problems, or to review the material with peers. You can get support with a specific topic or question or just work through the course content with others. Peer Tutors are experienced with the courses and are trained to help you learn effectively.

Drop-In Language Tutoring

For beginner and intermediate (101, 102, 201, and 202) Spanish and French, the Center for Student Success provides drop-in tutoring. In addition to our course-specific appointments, students can come to the Center during designated times to meet with an available tutor without making an appointment.

Visit the CSS Peer Tutoring web page for drop-in hours.

Fall 2021 Tutoring Coverage

BIO201General Biology I 3
BIO320Genetics 3
BUS201Financial Accounting 3
CHE201General Chemistry I 3
CHE318Organic Chemistry I 3
ECO206Principles of Microeconomics3
FRN101Elementary French I 3
FRN102Elementary French II 3
FRN201Intermediate French I 3
FRN202Intermediate French II 3
GLG201Physical Geology3
MAT140Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I3
MAT152College Algebra 3
MAT181Precalculus 4
MAT251Calculus I 4
MAT252Calculus II 4
MAT260Introduction to Proof3
PHY201General Physics 13
PSY201Psychological Statistics4
SPA101Elementary Spanish 1 3
SPA102Elementary Spanish 2 3
SPA201Intermediate Spanish 1 3
SPA202Intermediate Spanish 2 4

Additional Resources

If you are looking for additional math support, the Math Lab offers assistance.

If the course you are looking for is unavailable, stop by the CSS or consult these tips and tricks to form study groups.

STAR-NY Online Tutoring Service

STAR-NY provides free online tutoring in various subjects for enrolled SUNY New Paltz students.

What You Need to Know

  • Online tutoring is free.
  • Online tutoring is part of a shared services consortium with 26 other SUNY colleges.
  • Each participating SUNY, including SUNY New Paltz, identifies trained and qualified tutors to provide online tutoring.
  • The following core subjects are specific to SUNY New Paltz students:
    • Math - Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calc I, & Intro to Statistics
    • Chemistry - Introductory, General
    • Organic Chemistry (Sunday, Tuesday only)
    • Biology - Introductory, Anatomy & Physiology
    • Physics - Introductory
    • Accounting - Any course below the 400 level
    • Computer Science - Introductory
    • Economics - Introductory, Micro, Macro
    • Psychology - Introductory
    • Writing - Any course through Masters level (except foreign languages)

Hours and Availability (Fall 2021)

September 1-December 9, Sunday-Thursday, 7 p.m. to midnight

How to Access STAR-NY Online Tutoring

Visit the CSS STAR-NY Online Tutoring web page for instructions on working with an online tutor.