A student's semester workload is the combined total of the academic credits and registration units for which he/she is registered. The abbreviation "CR" in the Schedule of Classes and the transcript designate courses that generate academic credit. Registration units are earned in developmental/remedial courses, which do not grant credit or apply toward the degree. Such courses are designated "RU" in the Schedule of Classes and on the internal transcript.

Students must carry a semester workload of 12 credits/registration units to maintain full-time status. The Offices of Student Financial Services, Residence Life, and Athletics, Wellness & Recreation, among others, require students to be full-time to remain eligible for their services. Students who are considering dropping below twelve credits should consult with the appropriate offices about the impact of that action on their status. Fifteen credits is the average workload needed to graduate in a timely fashion. During the summer, students may register for up to two courses (8 credits maximum) during each session. A third course may be added to the summer registration providing it is an online course.