Grades are available to students through Grades will not be available to any student who has an institutional hold on her or his record. Once a grade has been reported to the Office of Records & Registration, it may ordinarily be changed only if an error has been made in computation or recording. The instructor must submit a certification of such error in writing, approved by the department chair, to the Office of Records & Registration within 30 days after the beginning of the next semester. No changes may be accepted after the 30-day period, except with written permission of the appropriate dean. When a question arises concerning a possible error in a grade reported by an instructor who is no longer a member of the faculty, the chair of the department and the academic dean concerned take joint responsibility for ascertaining the appropriate grade and authorizing any necessary changes. Students who think they have been graded incorrectly may follow the Academic Appeals process. Any correction to a student's academic record must be initiated within a year of the end of the semester in question.