Who is a Visiting Student?

  • Undergraduate students who attend another college and wish to take courses at New Paltz during the regular academic year are considered visiting students.
  • Visiting students remain enrolled at their home institution and are considered non-degree students at New Paltz. Visiting students may take up to one academic year of courses at New Paltz.

To Apply

  • Complete and submit the "Visiting Student Application" with all required documentation.
  • Submit the $50.00 application/processing fee. Make check or money order payable to SUNY New Paltz. Do not send cash.
  • The application must be signed by the student's adviser (from his or her home institution) indicating approval of all courses the student wishes to enroll in at New Paltz and providing signed proof of the student's good academic and disciplinary standing. Students who are on "academic suspension or dismissal" or "disciplinary suspension or dismissal" are not eligible to apply for visiting student status.
  • Submit official transcripts from each college/university from which the student has received credit.
  • Visiting students must meet the same admission standards as transfer applicants, as noted in the "transfer admission" page.

Application Deadline

Fall April 1
Spring November 1

After Approval as a Visiting Student

  • Visiting students may register for courses on a space-available basis only during the "Open Registration" period noted on the Academic Calendar.
  • Upon course registration, visiting students will receive an invoice from the Office of Student Accounts with a payment due date. Payment must be made by the due date or the student will be withdrawn from all courses.
  • If the student is receiving financial aid, he or she is responsible for making financial aid arrangements with the home institution to ensure the continuation of financial aid.
  • On-campus housing is not available to visiting students.

Visiting Student Application (PDF)

Study Abroad Program or Legislative Gazette Internship

  • Students who are matriculated at another institution and wish to participate in the New Paltz Study Abroad program or The Legislative Gazette Internship are considered visiting students.
  • Study Abroad applications can be found at: www.newpaltz.edu/studyabroad .
  • Legislative Gazette applications can be found at www.legislativegazette.com .