(81 credits)

The Graphic Design program offers courses that range from the historically based to the technologically advanced. Emphasis is placed on the exploration of how visual communications are accomplished, through discussions of communication theory and contemporary practice. Facilities include state-of-the art computer labs, with high-resolution printers, scanners, and a high-speed Internet connection, as well as a letterpress type lab and generous studio space for majors. Graduates go on to successful careers in many areas of design, including web design, multimedia interactive design, and publishing.

Required Foundation Courses (12 Credits)
ARS100Drawing: Visual Thinking I 3
ARS101Drawing: Visual Thinking II 3
ARS103Design: Form3
ARS113Designed World3
Art History Courses (12 Credits)
ARH201Art of the Western World I 3
ARH202Art of the Western World II 3
Select two of the following:6
Modern Art, 1900-1970
Contemporary Art, 1970 to the Present
Art History elective
Required Graphic Design Courses (45 Credits)
ARS205Graphic Design3
ARS306Visible Systems 3
ARS307Typography 3
ARS308Type & Image3
ARS309Printed Books 3
ARS310Visual Language I 3
ARS329Design Research3
ARS335Design for the Web3
ARS404Graphic Design Application 13
ARS405Design Theory and Criticism 3
ARS406Interaction Design3
ARS407Graphic Design Thesis I 13
ARS408Graphic Design Thesis II 13
Select two of the following:6
Data Visualization
Motion Design
Design for Web II
Required Cognate Course (3 Credits)
ARS230Basic Digital Photography3
Studio Electives (9 Credits)
Select three ARS and/or DDF courses.9
Total Credits81

ARS404, ARS407 and ARS408 comprise a capstone experience for Graphic Design majors. ARS407 is writing intensive.