Upon completion of the art foundation core and basic studio classes in a particular medium, students in the BA or BS program may choose to apply to one of the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree programs. Entrance into a BFA program is by portfolio and interview; the student applies directly to the specific program of interest. BFA reviews are held in each studio option near the conclusion of each semester. Programs include the following:

For all BFA programs except Graphic Design, a minimum grade of C or better is required for all major courses and transfer courses. Some prerequisite Graphic Design studios require a minimum grade of B-. A minimum grade of C- is required for Art History courses.

Fine Arts (BFA) Program Learning Outcomes

By the time they graduate, Fine Arts majors will be able to:

  • Expand knowledge of diverse histories and contemporary practices in studio art, design, and art education. 

  • Demonstrate—in written, visual, and oral forms—an understanding of a work of art or design, in terms of its social, political, cultural, aesthetic and historical context. 

  • Develop and articulate self-reflective practices as artists, designers, teachers, and citizens. 

  • Create collaboration and engagement with local and global art, design, and learning communities. 

  • Build professional networks to support lifelong learning and sustainable practices.