(81 credits)

Spacious studios, equipped with lithograph and etching presses, silk screens, copy camera, enlarger, and computers offer printmaking students excellent facilities for the development of artistic and technical skills. Highly respected artist-teachers work closely with students, encouraging them to evolve mature styles within the context of professional practice. Specific courses involve experience in lithography, serigraphy, intaglio, and relief. Advanced students may study full-color printing and photo printing as well as mixed media and interdisciplinary projects.

Required Foundation Courses (15 Credits)
ARS100Drawing: Visual Thinking I 3
ARS101Drawing: Visual Thinking II 3
ARS102Design: Color3
ARS103Design: Form3
ARS112Art Seminar 3
Art History Courses (12 Credits)
ARH201Art of the Western World I 3
ARH202Art of the Western World II 3
Select two of the following:6
Modern Art, 1900-1970
Contemporary Art, 1970 to the Present
Art History elective
Required Printmaking Courses (33 Credits)
ARS280Basic Printmaking 3
ARS380Photo Silkscreen 3
ARS381Monotype Printmaking 3
ARS382Media-Intervention 3
ARS385Printmaking - Lithography3
ARS386Printmaking - Intaglio3
ARS3xxAny 300-level Printmaking course3
ARS3xxAny 300-level Printmaking course3
ARS3xxAny 300-level Printmaking course3
ARS480Senior Studio in Printmaking I 3
ARS481Senior Studio in Printmaking II 3
Required Cognate Courses (6 Credits)
Select any 200- or 300-level studio course, 2-dimensional (outside of Printmaking)3
Select any 200- or 300-level studio course, 3-dimensional3
Studio Electives (12 Credits)
Select four ARS and/or DDF courses.12
Required Senior Seminar (3 Credits)
ARS490BFA Seminar (writing intensive)3
Total Credits81