(81 credits)

An outstanding faculty of metal artists train future practitioners in an extremely comprehensive program of study. Specific courses are offered in construction and fabrication, enameling, and metal forming as well as contemporary issues in metalwork. Unusually well-equipped studios provide complete facilities for practice in most techniques and formats associated with the discipline. Instruction is supplemented by frequent trips to galleries, museums, artists' studios and workshops. Emphasis in each class is placed on the balance of creative exploration and technical control.

Required Foundation Courses (15 Credits)
ARS100Drawing: Visual Thinking I 3
ARS101Drawing: Visual Thinking II 3
ARS102Design: Color3
ARS103Design: Form3
ARS112Art Seminar 3
Art History Courses (12 Credits)
ARH201Art of the Western World I 3
ARH202Art of the Western World II 3
Select two of the following:6
Art History electives
Required Metal Courses (27 Credits)
ARS220Basic Metal3
ARS321Construction and Fabrication3
ARS322Processes and Experimental Techniques I 3
ARS323Processes and Experimental Techniques II 3
ARS324Enameling 3
ARS326Metal Forming 3
ARS420Contemporary Ideas in Metal 3
ARS421Senior Studio in Metal I 3
ARS422Senior Studio in Metal II 3
Required Cognate Courses (9 Credits)
DDF205Computer Aided Design I3
Select any two 200- or 300-level studio courses outside of Metal.6
Studio Electives (15 Credits)
Select five ARS and/or DDF courses.15
Required Senior Seminar (3 Credits)
ARS490BFA Seminar (writing intensive)3
Total Credits81