(81 credits)

Professional skilled fine arts photographers help students to explore various aspects of this popular discipline, including manipulative, experimental, mixed media, and digital photographic techniques. Students are encouraged to develop a personally expressive imagery within the context of technical proficiency and control. Laboratories for general developing, printing, color printing, and mixed media processes are provided. The program is oriented toward photography as a fine art, as well as commercial applications of photography.

Required Foundation Courses (15 Credits)
ARS100Drawing: Visual Thinking I 3
ARS101Drawing: Visual Thinking II 3
ARS102Design: Color3
ARS103Design: Form3
ARS112Art Seminar 3
Art History Courses (12 Credits)
ARH201Art of the Western World I 3
ARH202Art of the Western World II 3
ARH358Modern Art, 1900-19703
or ARH359 Contemporary Art, 1970 to the Present
ARH368History of Photography 3
Required Senior Seminar (3 Credits)
ARS490BFA Seminar (writing intensive)3
Total Credits30
Required Photography Courses (33 Credits)
ARS230Basic Digital Photography 13
ARS250Basic Photography 13
ARS331Photo Books and Installations 23
ARS332The Large Format Image 23
ARS333Advanced Digital Color Photography 33
ARS334Digital Video 23
ARS350The Constructed Image 23
ARS450The Document 23
ARS451Contemporary Ideas in Photography 23
ARS452Senior Studio in Photography I 3
ARS453Senior Studio in Photography II 3
Required Cognate Courses (6 Credits)
ARS280Basic Printmaking 3
ARS307Typography 3
Studio Electives: ARS and/or DDF Courses (12 Credits)
Select 12 credits12
Total Credits51

May not be repeated for credit.


May be repeated for credit.


May be repeated with permission of instructor.