EDI526. Thg and Learn Middle School . 3 Credits.


EDI593. Interdisciplinary Ed Selected Topic. 12 Credits.


EDI594. Fieldwork In Interdisciplinary Ed. 0 Credits.


EDI595. Indep Study Interdisciplinary Ed. 1-12 Credits.


EDI599. Modular Course. 1 Credit.

EDI769. Design and Administration of Educational Media Systems . 3 Credits.

Procedures for designing, developing and implementing an educational media program for schools, colleges, and other educational agencies; examining various kinds of instructional media support systems; tailoring the media program to specific situations; dealing with media problems; improving facilities; helping teachers to use media; staffing; budget.

EDI775. Graduate Reading Seminar . 3 Credits.

Reviews and synthesizes major aspects of reading presented through the master's program, based on required current readings. Additionally requires students to complete an action research project. This is the final course in the master's program in education for students with a K-12 reading concentration.

EDI793. Theoretical Fndtns Read. 3-12 Credits.


EDI795. Indep Study Interdisciplinary Ed. 3-12 Credits.


EDI798. Principles of Research. 3 Credits.

Students will read, discuss, debate and write about education research and its intersection with teaching. Participants will design their own research project with the approval and support of the professor.

EDI799. Modular Course. 1 Credit.