SPA561. Intensive Practice in Spanish. 3 Credits.

Offers advanced study and practice in spoken and written Spanish. Variants of old style, and selected problems in vocabulary and syntax. Conducted in Spanish. SPA561 and SPA562 may be taken separately and in either sequence.

SPA565. Latin American and Caribbean Poetry. 3 Credits.

Poetry of Latin American and the Caribbean, from various periods. Conducted in Spanish.

SPA567. Approaches to Latin American Culture. 3 Credits.

The cultural contents of language, arts, and the ways of life in Latin-American countries.

SPA568. History Spanish Language. 3 Credits.


SPA572. Latina and Latin American Women Dramatists . 3 Credits.

Analysis of women-authored plays written from the 1950's to the present in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina and Latino USA to trace the socio-historical origins of the subordination of women in public and private domains.

SPA573. Seminar in Spanish Literature I . 3 Credits.

Intensive study of a topic to be announced. Conducted in Spanish.

SPA575. Seminar in Latin American & Caribbean Literature. 3 Credits.

Intensive study of Latin American and Caribbean literatures. Conducted in Spanish.

SPA578. Cervantes . 3 Credits.

Critical analysis of the "Don Quixote," and of other works by Cervantes. Conducted in Spanish.

SPA593. Spanish Selected Topic. 3-12 Credits.


SPA594. Fieldwork In Spanish. 0 Credits.


SPA595. Indep Study Spanish. 1-12 Credits.