SOC500. Social Structure and Change . 3 Credits.

An examination of the social structural forces that shape and alter contemporary society.

SOC501. Foundations in Sociological Theory . 3 Credits.

Inquiry into the major themes of sociological thought. Classical and contemporary theories will be examined in depth.

SOC502. The Family in American Culture . 3 Credits.

Theoretical and structural aspects of American family life.

SOC503. Research Methods . 3 Credits.

Training in the methods and techniques of data collection, interpretation and analysis, utilizing both quantitative and qualitative orientations.

SOC504. Sociology of Education . 3 Credits.

Socio-cultural context of education. Social system analysis of school and community. Interpersonal relations between teachers and students. Community power structure and the education process.

SOC511. Urban Sociology . 3 Credits.

Historical, spatial patterns, and social organizations of cities. Public affairs, social problems, amenities of cities and suburbs systematically observed and analyzed.

SOC514. Cancer and Society . 3 Credits.

Analysis of popular ideologies and attitudes; problems in the evaluation of statistical and clinical data; cancer prevention versus cancer treatment; and ideological and economic forces shaping this debate.

SOC515. Alienation and Mental Illness . 3 Credits.

Critical examination of major schools of thought about alienation and mental illness in contemporary society. The effects of social structure and ideology in contemporary society form a sociological and socio-psychological perspective with an eye toward a synthesis of various schools of thought.

SOC523. Social Gerontology . 3 Credits.

Problems in the field of aging.

SOC525. Race and Ethnicity . 3 Credits.

Sociological perspectives on racial-ethnic inequality in the United States. An investigation into particular socio-historical events and their impact on individuals.

SOC532. Social Policy . 3 Credits.

Analysis of social policy and social welfare; policy shifts regarding disability rights and environmental justice. The changing relationship between the state, social movements, and economic forces in historical perspective.

SOC533. Gender Inequality . 3 Credits.

Theoretical and historical perspectives on gender in society. Topics may include: family and work, the impact of technology and culture in shaping work and domestic life, women's rights as human rights.

SOC535. Applied Sociology . 3 Credits.

Training in research designed for specific applications. Emphasis on evaluation research, focus groups, statistical analysis and needs-assessment studies.

SOC551. Social Statistics . 3 Credits.

Training in the use of statistical techniques in the analysis of sociological data. Measures of central tendency and dispersion, correlation, and regression analysis will be employed.

SOC552. Seminar in Sociological Issues . 3 Credits.

Critical concerns within the field of sociology. Emphasis upon current sociological debates. Specific issues reflect the work and interest of the instructor.

SOC553. Seminar in Delinquent Behavior . 3 Credits.

Sociological study of the causes and characteristics of delinquent behavior; recent trends in the prevention and control of delinquency.

SOC590. Thesis in Sociology (3-6) . 1-12 Credits.

Research under the guidance of a faculty advisor, resulting in a thesis. Required form available in the Records and Registration Office.

SOC593. Soc Selected Topic. 3-12 Credits.


SOC594. Fieldwork In Sociology. 0 Credits.


SOC595. Indep Study Sociology. 1-12 Credits.


SOC599. Comprehensive Exam Workshop. 0 Credits.

Non-credit workshop for students who wish to devote the semester immediately following the completion of their coursework to prepare for the comprehensive exam.

SOC795. Indep Study Sociology. 0 Credits.


SOC799. Continued Registration. 1 Credit.