ARE501. Graduate Readings in Art Education. 1 Credit.

Presents contemporary and historic readings in art education. Includes antecedents to and examples of contemporary pedagogical approaches to learning and teaching in art.

ARE517. Visual Arts Research I. 2 Credits.

Working concurrently with Graduate Studio Research I, students will write a written proposal for a body of artwork based on theories, practices and contexts of the visual arts and art education pedagogy.

ARE518. Visual Arts Research II. 2 Credits.

Students continue to probe the relationship between theory and practice as a core element in artistic and pedagogical research as a result of their exploration of research in Visual Arts Research I.

ARE519. Art and Pedagogy I:Contemporary Approaches. 3 Credits.

Students will utilize theoretical frameworks shaping contemporary art education practice to develop an expanded repertoire of contemporary pedagogical strategies for engaging students with making and discussing art.

ARE520. Winter Session Review. 1 Credit.

In this Winter session weekend course, students will synthesize and refine ideas for their body of artwork, Artist Statement, Journal, and classroom experience developed during the fall semester.

ARE593. Art Ed Selected Topic. 3-12 Credits.


ARE594. Fieldwork In Art Ed. 3 Credits.


ARE595. Indep Study Art Ed. 0 Credits.


ARE701. Seminar in Art Education . 3 Credits.

This course will focus on the current directions and practices in art education, art and related disciplines. Attention will be given to the reflection on current practice of graduate students writing a comprehensive plan of study. This required course must be taken within the first six credits of graduate study.

ARE717. Research in Art Education . 3 Credits.

Designed as an introduction to research topics and methods in art education. Topics include: Identification of research problems, the literature review, conducting searches, and reading and interpreting research journal articles. Different types of inquiry -- descriptive, quantitative, qualitative, philosophical and curriculum research -- will be examined. This course is designed for students to complete individual scholarly reviews of the literature in the topic areas for this master's thesis projects.

ARE721. Art and Pedagogy II. 3 Credits.

Students synthesize studio and pedagogical research and apply to the development of curriculum emerging from contemporary artistic practices. Includes designing curriculum and instructional strategies, organizing and presenting synthesis research in a public forum, and developing writing for publication.

ARE790. Thesis in Art Education (3-6) . 3-6 Credits.

Preparation and writing of a thesis under the guidance of the major professor. Required form available in the Records and Registration Office.

ARE793. Art Ed Selected Topic. 3-12 Credits.


ARE794. Fieldwork in Art Educat. 3 Credits.


ARE795. Indep Study Art Ed. 1-12 Credits.


ARE799. Continued Registration. 1-12 Credits.