LAM270. Introduction to Latin American Studies . 3 Credits.

Broad historical and geographic outlines of Latin America stressing cultural diversity, economic development, and revolution and militarism. Case studies of individual countries.

LAM293. Latin Am Select Topics. 3-12 Credits.


LAM295. Indep Study Latin Amer & Carri. 1-12 Credits.

LAM393. Latin Am Select Topics. 3-12 Credits.

LAM399. Modular Course. 1 Credit.

LAM493. Latin AM Selected Topics. 3-12 Credits.


LAM494. Latin American Fieldwork. 1-12 Credits.

LAM495. Indep Study Latin Americ. 3-12 Credits.

The required senior capstone course for Latin American Studies majors is a 3-credit independent study project, supervised by a member of the Latin American Studies faculty and completed during the student's final semester.