ASN100. East-West Living & Learning Community. 1 Credit.

Participation in a Living & Learning community bringing together domestic students interested in Japanese & Chinese culture with students from those countries in a dorm setting where they engage in educational activities.

ASN200. Introduction to Asia. 3 Credits.

A gateway to the Asian Studies major. The introduction exposes students to important concepts, themes and developments in Asia.

ASN293. Asian Studies Selected Topic. 3-12 Credits.

ASN295. Independent Study Asian Studie. 1-12 Credits.

ASN393. Selected Topics. 3-12 Credits.

ASN399. Asian Studies Modular Course. 1-12 Credits.

ASN400. Asian Studies Seminar. 1 Credit.

Capstone for graduating Asian Studies majors.

ASN495. Independent Study Asian. 1-12 Credits.