EGG101. Introduction to Engineering Science . 3 Credits.

This entry-level course provides students with an overview of the engineering sciences. Equal emphasis is placed on the three fields of engineering in which SUNY New Paltz offers degree programs; Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Each module offers hands-on learning experiences through projects.

EGG193. Engineering Selected Topic. 1-12 Credits.


EGG199. Modular Course. 1-12 Credits.

EGG250. Energy and the Environment. 3 Credits.

Energy fundamentals, fossil based (coal, oil and gas), nuclear and renewable energy sources (such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, tidal and ocean thermal). Heat engines, use of energy in transportation, energy conservation and effect of energy consumption in the environment (locally and globally) are studied.

EGG293. Engineering Selected Topic. 1-12 Credits.


EGG295. Indep Study General Engi. 1-12 Credits.


EGG311. Engineering Statistics. 3 Credits.

This course will provide students with an understanding of the principles of engineering data analysis using basic probability theorems and statistical methods with emphasis on their application to real-world data processing problems.

EGG321. Technical Communication. 3 Credits.

Prepare proposal for Senior Design Project. Build high level statement, audience definition, product definition statement, product plan, risk assessment, and product verification and wrap-up plan. Also covers business memos, abstracts and summaries mechanical descriptions, poster sessions, business ethics, and business-oriented oral presentation. Two oral presentations are required.

EGG393. Engineering Selected Topic. 3-12 Credits.


EGG399. Modular Course. 0 Credits.


EGG408. Senior Design Project I. 3 Credits.

First of the two-semester design project. Students choose a project and an advisor and learn about the design process. A written progress report is required as the end of the semester.

EGG409. Sr Design Project 2. 3 Credits.

Second part of a two-semester design project. A formal report and an oral presentation are required at the end of the semester.

EGG493. Engineering Selected Topic. 3-12 Credits.


EGG495. Indep Study Generl Engin. 1-12 Credits.