BCM295. Independent Study BioChemistry. 1-12 Credits.

BCM360. Protein Structure and Function. 3 Credits.

We will be investigating the inter-relationship between the Structure & Function of Proteins. In this course, you will learn to use molecular visualization tools to investigate real three dimensional structures of proteins produced by modern structural biology research in conjunction with primary scientific literature.

BCM393. Biochemistry Selected Topic. 1-12 Credits.

BCM461. Biochemistry 1. 3 Credits.

Examination of the chemistry of cellular constituents, especially biopolymers and how the structure of these macromolecules effects their function.

BCM463. Biochemistry Lab. 1 Credit.

Introduction to biochemical techniques with emphasis on protein biochemistry. Provides laboratory experience that reinforces concepts taught in BCM 461.

BCM470. Biochemistry 2. 3 Credits.

Enzyme kinetics, bioenergetics and examination of metbolic reations leading to biologically useful energy production. Control of intermediary metabolism at molecular level.

BCM475. Experimental Biochemistry. 3 Credits.

Lecture and laboratory work in methodology and techniques used in biochemistry. Stresses design and intepretation of experiments.

BCM495. Independent Study Biochemistry. 1-12 Credits.