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The History Department does not have a program leading to a Master of Arts in history; however, the department offers graduate courses appropriate to graduate degrees in other departments.

HIS506. Medieval Society . 3 Credits.

Medieval life and institutions, especially in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

HIS521. Interpretations of American History . 3 Credits.

Selected problems in American history studied as reflections of different historical interpretations; emphasis on the most recent scholarly developments. Of special interest to teachers of American history.

HIS522. Colonial America . 3 Credits.

Topics in the history of colonial America.

HIS523. The American Revolution . 3 Credits.

Selected problems in the Revolutionary period; special attention to causes and nature of the American Revolution.

HIS527. Recent American History . 3 Credits.

Selected problems in United States history from 1890 to the present. Topics selected from a broad range of possible areas of concentration, including social, intellectual, diplomatic, economic, and political issues.

HIS529. Studies in American Social History: 1880 to Present . 3 Credits.

Selected topics in the history of American society from 1880 to present, emphasis on newer methodologies of social history. Themes: urbanization, industrialization, immigration, ideas in their social context, and changing cultural values as expressed in literature, education, religion and the fine and performing arts.

HIS534. Modern Europe Social Hst . 3 Credits.

Examines the social lives and experiences of Europeans from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. Traces the dramatic change from the rural, agricultural societies of the early modern period to the urban, industrialized nations of the nineteenth century and the effect of this shift on ordinary men and women.

HIS545. The Middle East and The West . 3 Credits.

A study of the history, and historiography, of the political, economic and cultural contacts and interactions between societies of the Middle East and the West from the 18th century to the present.

HIS549. World War II . 3 Credits.

Surveys the war from 1939 to 1945 as a phase of global history. Emphasis on relating diplomatic and military history to world-wide social, economic, scientific and political changes.

HIS550. America and Vietnam . 3 Credits.

The origins, nature and consequences of America's involvement in Vietnam, the most important and traumatic episode in recent U.S. foreign policy.

HIS557. Global History . 3 Credits.

An advanced introduction to the study of the interconnections among major civilizations of the world, beginning with pre-history; focuses on global history since 1500.

HIS562. American Indians . 3 Credits.

A history of selected Native American nations north of Mexico. Among the nations treated will be the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, Navajos, Delawares, Cherokees, Menominees, and Sioux.

HIS575. American Immigration . 3 Credits.

An analysis of patterns of American immigration from the colonial era to the present. Traces old-world sources and examines similarities and differences in ethnic group behavior.

HIS593. History Selected Topic. 3-12 Credits.


HIS594. Fieldwork in History . 0 Credits.


HIS595. Indep Study History. 3-12 Credits.


HIS693. History Selected Topic. 3-12 Credits.


HIS795. Indep Study Hst . 1-12 Credits.