Dr. Kathleen M. Dowley
Coordinator, WGSS Program
Associate Professor of Political Science

The Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies program explores the dynamics of gender and sexuality in relation to local and global structures of power, privilege, and oppression. We provide interdisciplinary and disciplinary courses, offering a range of methodological and theoretical tools to empower our students to think critically and develop new epistemologies. 

The WGSS does not have a program leading to a graduate degree; however, a graduate emphasis on Women’s Studies/Services is offered through the Master in Professional Studies Degree Program, Humanistic/Multicultural Education. See the Educational Studies/Humanistic Education section for a description of that program.

WOM515. Women and Health . 3 Credits.

Women's health issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. History and structure of the medical establishment as it affects women consumers. Designed for lay persons, this course will increase understanding of women and health care, and foster informed decision making.

WOM593. Women Study Select Topic. 3-12 Credits.


WOM594. Women's Studies Fieldwork. 3-12 Credits.

Women's Studies Fieldwork.

WOM595. Indep Study Womans Studies. 1-12 Credits.