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The Black Studies Department does not have a program leading toward a graduate degree in Black Studies. However, the department offers graduate courses appropriate to graduate degrees in other departments.

BLK502. Blacks in New York History . 3 Credits.

A thematic examination of the socioeconomic and political contributions of peoples of African descent to the history of New York State, from the colonial period to the present.

BLK510. Contemporary Black Women's Literature . 3 Credits.

Analysis of mostly contemporary novels, essays, dramas, poems, and autobiographies by women of African ancestry in the United States, the Caribbean and Africa. Aesthetics, womanist approaches, the oral tradition, and critiques will be examined.

BLK522. African/African-American History & Experiences . 3 Credits.

Presents the history of Africans in an unbroken continuity from Egypt to modern African American experiences, highlighting retention aspects of African culture including language, art, music and religion, and an appreciation of African contributions to world civilizations.

BLK593. Black Studies Selected Topic. 3-12 Credits.


BLK594. Fieldwork Black Studies . 0 Credits.


BLK595. Indep Study Black Studies. 1-12 Credits.