Diversity Fellowships


GOPW Tuition Waiver Program (GOPW)

The GOPW program provides a tuition waiver for former EOP/HEOP/SEEK students. The tuition waiver covers up to 9 credits of graduate tuition plus the college fee for each semester that the student is eligible for the award. To maintain eligibility, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA and enroll in at least 9 graduate credits each term. 

Sojourner Truth Diversity Fellowship (STF)

(SUNY Graduate Diversity Fellowship)

The Sojourner Truth Diversity Fellowship is open to applicants from all majors holding at least a 3.0 undergraduate GPA in pursuit of their initial master's degree, a US citizen or permanent resident, matriculated in a graduate program at New Paltz; and adequately meeting the diversity criteria set forth within the application. 

Scholarships by Discipline


Master's in Business Administration (MBA) Scholarship

To recognize academic excellence and to prepare future administrators and public accountants, the State University of New York at New Paltz offers a limited number of scholarships to highly qualified applicants. Consideration will also be given to financial need.  

MFA Ceramics Scholarship

The ANDRAH Merit Scholarship is a $10,000 tuition waiver designed to recognize the exceptional talent of an incoming MFA student in Ceramics. It is available to one student on a competitive basis each year. 

MFA Scholarship

In an effort to encourage a diverse population of graduate students, SUNY New Paltz offers a one-year out-of-state tuition waiver to all incoming MFA students who are not residents of New York State.  This allows non-resident students to pay regular in-state tuition rates, which is a nearly 50% discount.  MFA students must seek and be granted New York State residency during their first year to continue to receive the in-state tuition rate. This program is available to international students who are not US citizens and enrolled in one of our MFA programs for two years without applying for New York State residency. See Tuition & Fees Chart for rate.

MS Engineering Fellowship

This fellowship opportunity is designed to recognize the academic excellence of incoming students matriculated in our MS in Electrical Engineering program. Students receive a 3-credit tuition waiver in exchange for 10 hours of research assistance per week. It is available to fifteen students on a competitive basis. 

Research Funding


Graduate Student Research and Creative Projects Award (RCPA)

The RCPA is an internal grant program for matriculated graduate students. The purpose of the program is to support and encourage research and creative projects that enhance the graduate students' professional development as they pursue their master's degree or Certificate of Advanced Study. All matriculated graduate students in good standing (cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher) are eligible to apply for this grant. The maximum award is $400 per annum. The RCPA offers funding for projects that occur during the Fall semester and for projects that occur during the Spring and/or Summer semesters. Applications will be collected according to the following schedule:

  • The deadline for Fall applications is October 1.  
  • The deadline for Spring/Summer applications is March 1.  



All-University Teaching Assistant/Graduate Assistant Program (TA/GA)

Assistantships are available to matriculated graduate students in good academic standing and who are making good progress toward the degree. The procedure to apply for an assistantship, including the selection criteria, is established by deans and academic departments and publicized by individual departments. Criteria for an assistantship may include, but are not limited to, undergraduate grade-point average, standardized test scores, past experience or training, interest in the field of study, letters of recommendation, or personal interview.

The following departments offer assistantships during the academic year: Alumni Relations, Art, Art Education, Business, Center for International Programs, Center for Student Engagement, Center for Student Success, Communication Disorders, Communications and Marketing, Computer Science, English, Graduate, Professional & Interdisciplinary Studies, Hudson Valley Manufacturing Center (HVMC), Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion (HRDI), Music, Psychology, Residence Life, and the Samuel Dorsky Museum. Students interested in pursuing an assistantship should inquire at the department for specific application procedures.  For more information, review https://www.newpaltz.edu/graduate/funding/teaching--graduate-assistantships/taga-program-overview/