(46-48 credits)1

Declaring or transferring into the Media Management major? Please visit Digital Media & Journalism's homepage to view the video, Media Management Major Overview and Advising for Transfer Students and Newly Declared.

Majors in Digital Media Programming & Management (known informally as "Media Management") prepare for management positions across the various media, including such areas as advertising, global media systems, law, research, and programming. Students develop the necessary knowledge and skills through theoretical and practical courses ranging from research and writing to business and managerial courses. The program ensures full exposure to new and emerging technologies and the business functions associated with them. For many, classroom study is put to the real-world test via internships with leading media companies.

Media Management students must complete at least two Business courses (one core course and at least one elective). A required internship and a senior capstone experience in media convergence complete the plan of study. During the capstone, students will develop their own creative and business proposals and prototypes of digital media content distribution.

  • Grades of at least C- are required for courses to count toward majors in the Department of Digital Media & Journalism.
  • A 2.0 average in Department of Digital Media & Journalism courses is required for degree application.
Required Foundation Courses (9 Credits)
DMJ101Media and Society3
CMM104Public Speaking 3
DMJ224Media Industries3
Required Media Management Introductory Courses (10 Credits)
DMJ221Introduction to Advertising3
DMJ215Digital Storytelling4
BUS325Marketing 3
Required Media Management Advanced Courses (10 Credits)
DMJ323Digital Media Content and Technology3
DMJ350Media Research Methods4
DMJ434Global Media3
Required Elective Courses (9-11 Credits)
Media theory, studies, and practice:
Select one of the following:3-4
Milestones in Documentary
History of American TV
Media Criticism and Aesthetics
Media Ethics
Digital Media/Journalism Selected Topic
Media and Popular Culture
Mass Media Law
Capstone Seminar in Multimedia Reporting
Digital Media/Journalism Modular Course
Media production:
Select one of the following:3-4
Production II: TV Studio Production
Introduction to Digital Animation and Visual Effects
Production III: Field Production
Business practice:
Select one of the following: 23
Financial Accounting
Principles of Management
Legal Environment of Business
Required Capstone (4 Credits)
DMJ444Seminar in Media Studies4
Required Internship (4 Credits) 3
DMJ490Internship in Digital Media/Journalism3
or DMJ461 Legislative Gazette
DMJ491Internship Seminar1
Total Credits46-48

Credit total is based on a 3-credit internship (DMJ490 or DMJ461) and corequisite 1-credit Internship Seminar (DMJ491).


Students pursuing a minor in Business must complete BUS201 Financial Accounting and BUS250 Principles of Management . Students pursuing the 4+1 MBA must complete BUS201 Financial Accounting and BUS271 Legal Environment of Business . Please consult the course catalog and your advisor for other requirements.


Total credits may exceed 4, depending upon the credit hours associated with the particular internship.