(45 credits)1


Credit total is based on a 3-credit internship (DMJ490 Internship in Digital Media/Journalism or DMJ461 Legislative Gazette) and corequisite 1-credit Internship Seminar (DMJ491 Internship Seminar).

The Digital Media Production program offers students an opportunity to develop cutting-edge professional skills that will prepare them to succeed in the growing and diverse field of digital media. Production majors learn the importance of engaging storytelling, solid research, and careful attention to ethical considerations; they likewise learn how technology allows them to communicate effectively. By utilizing writing and production skills in the classroom as well as in the surrounding community, students demonstrate their ability to use the latest tools of digital audio and video to create high-quality, marketable content for film and television.

Digital Media Production majors are strongly encouraged to minor in a discipline in the arts, sciences, or humanities. Such minors would include but are not limited to Anthropology, Art History, Asian Studies, Biology, Black Studies, Communication Studies, Economics, English, Geography, History, International Relations; Languages, Literatures & Cultures (French, German, Italian Studies, Spanish); Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, or Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

General Requirements

  • Grades of at least C- are required for courses to count toward majors in the Department of Digital Media & Journalism.
  • A 2.0 average in Department of Digital Media & Journalism courses is required for degree application.
Required Prerequisite Courses (10 Credits)
DMJ101Media and Society3
or DMJ205 Introduction to Media Criticism
DMJ215Digital Storytelling4
DMJ319Writing for Digital Media3
Required Courses (6 Credits) 1
DMJ224Media Industries3
DMJ203Radio-Television Performance3
or THE230 Introduction to Acting
Additional Required Courses (16 Credits)
Must be taken sequentially, one per semester
DMJ320Audio Production4
DMJ340TV Studio Production4
DMJ440Field Production4
DMJ445Seminar in Digital Filmmaking4
Required Elective Courses (9 Credits)
Select three courses, at least two of which (6 credits) must be upper division (300- or 400-level). 9
Required Internship (4 Credits)
DMJ461Legislative Gazette 23
or DMJ490 Internship in Digital Media/Journalism
DMJ491Internship Seminar1
Total Credits45

Must be taken before DMJ445 Seminar in Digital Filmmaking


Students may earn up to 15 credits for an internship; however, only 3 credits can be counted toward the major