The minor in Film & Video Studies is an interdisciplinary program offered through the School of Fine & Performing Arts (Department of Art History) and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (Department of Digital Media & Journalism). Students will familiarize themselves with reading the art of cinema as cultural critics, while having the option to learn the basics of screenwriting and production. They will learn critical approaches to film and video and acquire historical, theoretical, intercultural and practical tools to study films and video from around the world.

For more information, please contact one of the program co-coordinators:

Will Hong
Department of Digital Media & Journalism
CSB 42
Phone: (845) 257-3117

Beth Wilson
Department of Art History
SAB 106D
Phone: (845) 257-3896

Film & Video Studies is an interdisciplinary program whose courses are based in a variety of academic areas. The list below includes both required courses and elective options; other courses, including selected topics, may be taken by advisement for credit toward the minor.

Please note that some of the listed courses have one or more prerequisites or major restrictions. Please check the course description for details.

ANT407Visual Anthropology3
ARH348History of Film 3
ARS312New Media 3D + 4D3
ARS334Digital Video3
DMJ205Introduction to Media Criticism3
DMJ215Digital Storytelling4
DMJ319Writing for Digital Media3
DMJ321Milestones in Documentary3
DMJ331History of American TV3
DMJ343Media Criticism and Aesthetics3
DMJ39090 Minutes to Die: Film Noir4
ENG348Dramatic Writing Stag and Scrn3
ENG368The Jewish American Experience in Literature and Film3
ENG372Fiction into Film3
FRN475French Cinema (taught in French)3
GER319Women In German Lit&Film 3
GER321German Cinema3
ITA261Italian Society in Film 4
ITA375Topics in Italian Cinema4
MUS350Computer and Electronic Music 3
MUS351Advanced Computer and Electronic Music3
MUS380Basic Recording Techniques 3
MUS381Advanced Recording3
POL334Film and Politics3
SOC361Images of Poverty in Film 3
SOC432Sociology of Film3
SPA477Latin American & Caribbean Cinema (taught in Spanish)3
THE260Introduction to Design 3
THE32620th Century Design 3
THE327Race Gender and Performance 3
THE354Scene Design 1 3
THE355Costume Design 1 3
THE357Sound Design 1 3