(18-21 credits)

  • Declaration Requirement: Completion of 30 college credits with proof of a minimum grade point average of 2.50 and approval of a Minor advisor. Close consultation with your advisor is required as enrollment in some courses may require special permission.
  • Students with a major from the Departments of Communication or Digital Media & Journalism must take nine (9) credits outside of their major in order to complete the minor.
Required Courses (6-7 Credits)
ARH348History of Film 3
ARS334Digital Video 13-4
or DMJ215 Digital Storytelling
Electives (12-14 Credits)
Select at least 12 credits across any of the following categories: 212-14
Production Courses:
New Media 3D + 4D 1
Writing for Digital Media
Dramatic Writing Stag and Scrn
Computer and Electronic Music
Advanced Computer and Electronic Music 1
Basic Recording Techniques
Advanced Recording 1
Criticism & Cinema Courses:
Visual Anthropology
Introduction to Media Criticism
Media Criticism and Aesthetics
90 Minutes to Die: Film Noir
Fiction into Film
Topics in Italian Cinema
Film and Politics
Introduction to Design 1
20th Century Design
Scene Design 1 1
Costume Design 1
Sound Design 1 1
Culture & History Through Cinema Courses:
Milestones in Documentary
History of American TV 1
The Jewish American Experience in Literature and Film
French Cinema (taught in French) 1
Women In German Lit&Film
German Cinema
Italian Society in Film
Images of Poverty in Film 1
Sociology of Film 1
Latin American & Caribbean Cinema (taught in Spanish) 1
Race Gender and Performance
Total Credits18-21

These courses have one or more prerequisites or major restrictions. See course description for details.


Other courses (e.g., selected topic courses) may be taken by advisement.