(36 credits)

Required Courses (21 Credits)
PHI201Symbolic Logic 3
PHI211Ancient Greek Philosophy 3
PHI215Modern Philosophy3
PHI304Ethics 3
PHI471Theory Of Knowledge 3
or PHI474 Metaphysics
One course in non-western philosophy, by advisement 13
Electives (15 Credits)
A student must take at least five philosophy courses. 215
Total Credits36

Courses meeting the non-western requirement currently include PHI251 Indian Philosophy , PHI252 East Asian Philosophy, PHI330 Chinese Philosophy, and PHI332 Buddhist Philosophy.


Of that five, no more than one of PHI120 Intro to Philosophy:Classics or PHI130 Intro to Philosophy:Problems) and no more than one course with a primary prefix of REL may count towards the major. Some courses from outside the department (e.g., POL323 Sovereigns, Subjects, and the State: Modern Political Thought, or LIN365 Semantics) may also fulfill the elective requirement.