(36 credits)

Required Courses (21 Credits)
PHI201Symbolic Logic 3
PHI211Ancient Greek Philosophy 3
PHI215Modern Philosophy3
PHI304Ethics 3
PHI471Theory Of Knowledge 3
or PHI474 Metaphysics
Select one of the following:3
East Asian Philosophy
Chinese Philosophy
Buddhist Philosophy
Indian Philosophy
Electives (15 Credits)
A student must take at least five philosophy courses, of which no more than one of the following may count toward the major. 115
Introduction to Western Philosophy
Introduction to Philosophical Problems
Introduction to Global Philosophy
Total Credits36

In addition, no more than one course with a primary prefix of REL may count towards the major. Some courses from outside the department (e.g., POL323 Sovereigns, Subjects, and the State: Modern Political Thought, or LIN365 Semantics) may also fulfill the elective requirement.