(19 credits)

General Requirements:

  • Credits for Composition courses (ENG160 Composition I, ENG170 Writing and Rhetoric, ENG180 Composition II, ENG206 Advanced Writing and Rhetoric, ENG207 Intermediate Composition ) do not count toward the Creative Writing minor.
  • Courses taken S*/U* (student-elected Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) or graded below C- will not count toward the minor.
Literature Courses (8 Credits)
Select two of the following: 18
Introduction to British Literature
Introduction to American Literature
Transnational Literature
Multiethnic and Diasporic Literature
Creative Writing Workshops (7 Credits)
ENG345Creative Writing Workshop I 3
ENG445Creative Writing Workshop II 24
Craft Course (4 Credits)
Taken only after passing the portfolio review
Select at least one of the following:4
The Craft of Fiction
The Craft of Poetry
The Craft of Creative Non Fiction
The Craft of Dramatic Writing
Total Credits19

The Department of English also offers a Creative Writing concentration within the English major. For more information and a plan of study, please see Major in English.