In compliance with both Federal and State laws, the University makes available to students or prospective students information about instructional programs, costs of attending the institution, financial assistance available to students, refund policy, qualification of faculty, graduation rates, and placement of graduates. The Office of Records and Registration is available to assist students or prospective students in obtaining information specified in the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, Chapter 2, Sections 53.1-3, 4.

A copy of the SUNY New Paltz campus crime statistics as reported annually to the U.S. Department of Education will be provided upon request by SUNY New Paltz University Police. Please direct all such requests to University Police at (845) 257-3340, or (845) 257-3802, or download the report at Additionally, information may be obtained from the U.S. Department of Education website at Below are key points under The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regarding educational records. Additional information is provided on our website at

Access to Educational Records

  1. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) provides that qualified individuals and agencies shall have the right to inspect and review certain student educational records. Individuals and agencies so qualified are:
    • Presently and formerly enrolled students (who may see their records);
    • Parents of formerly enrolled students of the van den Berg Learning Center;
    • School and government officials and agencies specifically described in Section 438 of the Act.
  2. The following records are maintained by the university and may be reviewed by duly qualified persons by making a written request at the designated office. The law requires that access must be provided not more than 45 days after receipt of the request.
    • Records relating to student payments, receipts, applications for refunds, dormitory damage assessments – Office of Student Accounts.
    • Information concerning NDSL and Perkins Loans Student Loan Office.
    • Student teaching records, including personal information and evaluation reports (other than confidential evaluation reports received prior to January 1, 1975) – Student Teaching Office.
    • Records and recommendations relating to overseas academic programs (other than letters of recommendation received prior to January 1, 1975) – Center for International Programs.
    • Student housing records, including current addresses, records of dormitory disciplinary actions, requests for single rooms and accommodations for other special housing needs, dormitory damage assessments, resident assistant employment information – Department of Residence Life.
    • Records relating to Continuing Education (other than letters of recommendation received prior to January 1, 1975) – Office of Continuing and Online Education.
    • Undergraduate admissions and readmissions files (other than letters of recommendation received prior to January 1, 1975) – Office of Records & Registration.
    • Records relating to Educational Opportunity Program students including academic records, letters of academic probation, and dismissal – Educational Opportunity Program
    • Graduate admissions applications, related correspondence (other than letters of recommendation received prior to January 1, 1975), and transcripts of baccalaureate work for matriculated and non- matriculated graduate students – Office of Graduate, Professional & Interdisciplinary Studies. Graduate Record Examination or Miller Analogies Test scores where required and letters of reference for matriculated students are on file in the respective department offices. Duplicate transcripts of baccalaureate work are on file in the respective department offices.
    • Records relating to career planning and placement – Career Resource Center.               
    • Transfer students' credit evaluations – Office of Records & Registration.                             
    • Records relating to student financial aid (other than Parents’ Confidential Statements and Income tax returns) - Office of Financial Aid.
    • Records relating to disciplinary action, legal action, or complaints about students – Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.
    • Student employment records – Payroll Office.
    • Records relating to applications to medical and dental schools (other than letters of recommendation dated prior to January 1, 1975) – Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Advisory Committee, Dr. Tom Nolan, Chairman.
  3. The following records maintained by the university are specifically excluded from the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and will not be available for inspection:
    • Personal notes made by instructional, supervisory, or administrative personnel, in the sole possession of the maker and not available to anyone else except a substitute.
    • Records maintained by the Health and Counseling Centers, or by other college counselors. These records will be made available to an appropriate professional of the student’s (or parent’s) choice.
    • Confidential letters of recommendation, reference, or evaluation if the right of access has been waived (see paragraph 8).
    • Other letters of recommendation, reference, or evaluation received prior to January 1, 1975.
    • Parents’ Confidential Statements and parents’ income tax returns.
  4. Each of the offices mentioned in paragraph 2 will maintain a record of individuals or agencies who have requested and/or obtained access to the student records for which it is responsible, and will be available for inspection on the same basis as the basic records.
  5. Access to records listed in paragraph 2 may be obtained by submitting a written request to the office indicated. Forms for this purpose are available in these offices but are not required. Arrangements will be made available within 45 days of the request for inspection of such records in the office in which they are maintained.
  6. Requests by the student (or parent) for permanent removal of any document or record from the file or for permission to file a response to such document or record shall be made to the officer maintaining the record. If the request is denied, a hearing may be obtained in the following manner:
    • If the officer maintaining the record is a vice president, the hearing will be conducted by the president (or designee).
    • If the officer maintaining the record is not a vice president, the hearing will be conducted by the vice president (or designee) responsible for supervision of the office in which the record is maintained. In such cases, the president (or designee) may entertain appeals.
    • The hearing will be held within a reasonable time after request thereof is made and a written decision will be issued within 10 working days of completion of the hearing.
  7. Each student may waive his/her right to access confidential recommendations used solely in connection with applications for admission to this or any other college or university, applications for employment, or receipt of an honor. The names of persons making such recommendations will be provided upon request. The executed waiver will be sent to the individual providing the recommendation and will place the recommendation in the category of documents not available for inspection and review.

  8. It is the general policy of the university to obtain a student’s consent before releasing any information. However, in the case of normal public relations such as a specific public event (theatrical production, concert, athletic event, graduation, awarding of scholarship), information regarding a student’s participation in that event, the student’s class and major field of study, and the height and weight of members of athletic teams may be released without consent. Any student who does not wish to have this information released must so notify the university relations officer in writing not later than the second week of classes – Office of Public Affairs.