(20 credits)

I. Core (Required Courses) (8 Credits)
WOM220Introduction to Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies4
WOM421Feminist Theory 4
II. Clusters (6 Credits)
Minors select one course from each of two of the following four clusters. No more than three credits can be lower division.6
Historical and Political Contexts:
Gender, Race, and Work
Violence Against Women
Hst Women In US To 1880
Feminism in the U.S.
The History of Women in the United States
Culture and Representation:
The Queer Experience
Motherhood and Mothering
Feminist Art and Subculture
Women and Popular Culture
Performing Feminism
Race Gender and Performance
Race, Culture, Nation:
Transnational Feminism
Women in the Caribbean
The Black Woman
Women in China
Gender, Sexuality & Queer Studies:
Queer Women
Women Love and Sex
Intro to Queer Studies
Sociology of Gender
III. Electives (6 Credits)
In consultation with their advisor, minors take an additional 6 credits in WGSS or cross-listed courses around a theme or in relation to their major. No more than three credits can be lower division.6
Total Credits20