(39 credits)

I. Core Courses (18 Credits)
All WGSS majors must take the following courses:
WOM220Introduction to Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies4
WOM321Feminist Methods3
WOM421Feminist Theory 4
WOM420Practicum in WGSS3
WOM490Senior Seminar in WGSS4
II. Clusters (12 Credits)
Select one course from each of the following four clusters, including no more than three (3) lower-division credits.12
History and Political Contexts:
Gender, Race, and Work
Violence Against Women
Hst Women In US To 1880 1
The History of Women in the United States 1
Women in Politics
Culture and Representation:
The Queer Experience
Motherhood and Mothering
Women and Drugs
Feminist Art and Subculture
Women and Popular Culture
Performing Feminism
Race Gender and Performance
Queer Theatre
Race, Culture, Nation:
The Black Woman
Transnational Feminism
Native American Feminisms
Women in the Caribbean
Women in China 1
Gender, Sexuality, and Queer Studies:
Queer Women
Women Love and Sex
Intro to Queer Studies
Sociology of Gender
Sociology of Sex & Sexualities
III. Individualized Program (9 Credits)
Select three (3) electives around a theme or, for double majors, that relate to the other major, including no more than three (3) lower-division credits. 29
IV. History Requirement (0 Credits)
To satisfy the History Requirement, majors must take one of the history-designated courses listed below as part of their Cluster requirement or Individualized Program or as an additional elective in excess of the 39 required major credits.
Hst Women In US To 1880
Women in Early Modern Europe
The History of Women in the United States
Women in China
Total Credits39

Consult the Schedule of Classes for specific WOM or other Selected Topics (X93) courses offered each semester. Selected Topics courses may, with advisor approval, be used to fulfill WGSS major requirements. 


Indicates a course that satisfies the History Requirement. (See Section IV.)


All Individualized Programs must be designed in consultation with, and approved by, the student's major advisor.