(61 credits)

Business Core Curriculum

(all Business majors): 40 credits

The School of Business offers eight undergraduate degree programs: Accounting, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Business, International Business, Marketing, and Management. Students in each Business major must complete a 40-credit core curriculum consisting of the following courses, in which a minimum grade of C- is required for credit toward the major, with the exceptions noted below:

ECO206Principles of Microeconomics3
ECO207Principles of Macroeconomics3
BUS093Business Workshop 0
BUS095Excel Tutorial0
BUS201Financial Accounting (Accounting majors must earn at least C+)3
BUS202Managerial Accounting 3
BUS250Principles of Management 3
BUS271Legal Environment of Business 3
BUS301Internship & Career Practicum1
BUS309Statistics for Business and Economics I3
BUS311Statistics for Business and Economics II 3
BUS312Operations Management 3
BUS325Marketing 3
BUS341Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (Finance majors must earn at least C+)3
BUS450Strategic Management 3
Applied Learning requirement3
Total Credits40

Building on this core curriculum, students in each of the eight majors complete specialized courses, detailed below. Except where otherwise noted, a minimum grade of C- is required for credit toward the major.

Required Business Analytics Courses (12 Credits)
BUS347Introduction to Business Analytics3
BUS348 Decision Modeling and Analysis3
BUS349Data Management and Big Data3
Advanced Business Analytics
and Business Analytics Capstone 1
Elective Requirement (9 Credits)
Select three of the following upper-division electives9
Supply Chain Analytics
Marketing Analytics
Analytics in Health Care
Times Series Analysis for Business
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Data Visualization
Marketing Research
Digital Marketing Analytics
Intro to Risk Management and Derivatives
Financial Analytics
Total Credits21

BUS461 Business Analytics Capstone fulfills the Applied Learning requirement (see Business Core Curriculum)