(18 credits)

Required Course (3 Credits)
REL270Religions of the World3
Electives (15 Credits)
Select 15 credits of the following: 115
Religion and Culture
The Anthropology of Performance
Seminar in Magic, Witchcraft and Sorcery
The Arts of Early China
The Arts of Japan
History of Buddhist Art
Art of the Renaissance in Italy
Northern European Painting from Van Eyck to Bruegel
Early Medieval Art
Later Medieval Art: Gothic
Sacred Spaces, Divine Images
Art of the Islamic World
Baroque Painting
African American Religion
Great Bks Asian Classics
The Bible
Medieval Literature
Seventeenth-Century Literature
Medieval Europe
Middle East to 1798
Religions of Asia
History of Islam and the Middle East 570-1918
The Middle East in the 20th Century
Medieval Society
Renaissance and Reformation
Jihad and Crusades
Ancient Israel
Bible: Myth and History
Jews in the Middle Ages
Religion in the United States
The Jewish Experience
Indian Philosophy
East Asian Philosophy
Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy
God, World, and Soul
Religion, Ethics, and Society
The Meaning of Life
Buddhist Philosophy
Contemporary Buddhism
Athens and Jerusalem: Political Thought in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds
Middle Eastern Politics and Institutions
Islam:An Introduction
History of Christian Thought
Sociology of Religion
Total Credits18

*Selected Topics courses, seminars, and other courses may be approved as electives at the discretion of the Religious Studies Coordinator.