(18 credits)

Per SUNY New Paltz academic policy, transfer credits may be applied to minor requirements; however, one-half of the minor must be completed at New Paltz.

The following plans of study reflect revisions effective Fall 2021. If you declared a Psychology minor in or before Spring 2021, your plan of study will be different. Please consult your advisor and refer to your progress report.

Prerequisite Course (3 Credits)
PSY101Introduction to Psychology3
Content Core (9 Credits)
Select three (3) of the following:9
Social Psychology
Psychopathology and Mental Distress
Lifespan Development
Cognitive Psychology
History & Systems of Psychology
Advanced Courses (6 Credits)
Select two (2) of the following:6
Disaster Psychology
Practicum in Disaster Response
Psychology of Social Problems
Mental Health Professions
Behavior Modification
Evolutionary Psychology
Constructivist Psychology
Psychology of Women
Organizational Psychology
Health Psychology
Selected Topic
or PSY493
Selected Topic
Crisis Intervention
Infancy and Childhood
Adolescence and Adulthood
Behavioral Neuroscience
Cognitive Neuroscience
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
Industrial Psychology
Psychological Testing
Fieldwork In Psychology
Independent Study Psychology
Total Credits18