Any course not on this list but included in the Schedule of Classes under International Relations will count for credit in the major or minor.


ANT214Cultural Anthropology 3
ANT305Cultures of South America3
ANT404Political Anthropology 3
ANT421Gender and Anthropology 3

Black Studies

BLK200Introduction To Africa 3
BLK302Survey of Contemporary Africa: Nineteenth Cent to Present 3
BLK309Introduction to Afro-Brazilian History 3
BLK311Blacks in the Caribbean, 1492-Present 3
BLK347History of South Africa 3
BLK450The Portuguese in Africa 3


ECO309Economic Development of Latin America3
ECO310Economic Development of Asia-Pacific3
ECO401International Trade and Finance 3
ECO418Economics of Development 3


FRN319French Civilization 4
FRN320Francophone Cultures 4


GEO201Human Geography3
GEO211World Geography3
GEO213Economic Geography3
GEO331Gender and Environment3
GEO411Political Geography3
GEO506Contemporary China Alternate year/Spring 3


GER316Germany Today 3


HIS214Mod Europe 1500-Present 4
HIS215China to 18003
HIS216Modern China 4
HIS311Modern Germany 3
HIS317World War II 3
HIS333Soviet Union 3
HIS335Modern Japan 3
HIS343History of Islam and the Middle East 570-19183
HIS344The Middle East in the 20th Century 3
HIS353Twentieth-Century Europe 3
HIS373The Holocaust 3
HIS377History of Mexico3
HIS407Intellectual History of 19th-Century Europe 3
HIS467The United States in Vietnam 3

Latin American & Caribbean Studies

LAM270Introduction to Latin American Studies 3

Political Science

POL220Athens and Jerusalem: Political Thought in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds4
POL227Intro International Politics4
POL229Intro to Comparative Politics 4
POL300Political Science Research Methods4
POL323Sovereigns, Subjects, and the State: Modern Political Thought4
POL324International Relations Theory 3
POL336Middle Eastern Politics and Institutions 3
POL339Model United Nations 3
POL341Revolution and Counterrevolution 3
POL342Politics of Developing Areas 3
POL344Politics of International Economic Organizations 3
POL345War and International Politics 3
POL346International Political Economy 3
POL347Politics of Environment and Development 3
POL353International Relations of the Americas 3
POL354European Politics and Government 3
POL357International Law 3
POL362Politics of China and India3
POL363Chinese Foreign Pol and US 3
POL364Nationalism in World Politics 3
POL365International Politics of the Asia-Pacific 3
POL366American Foreign Policy3
POL368Defense Issues in American Foreign Policy 3
POL369Governments and Politics of China and Japan 3
POL370United Nations Semester 6
POL371Latin American Politics 3
POL372International Relations of the Middle East 3
POL373Russian Politics: Past and Present 3
POL374Politics of the European Union 3
POL379Women in Politics 3
POL390Junior Seminar in Political Science4
POL393Pol Sci Selected Topic3-12
POL401Seminar in American Government and Politics 4
POL403Seminar in Comparative Politics 4
POL404Seminar in International Relations 4
POL405Seminar in Political Theory 4
POL406Seminar in Law 4
POL480Government Internship 9-15
POL484State Politics Semester 15
POL493Polit Sci Selected Topic3-12
POL494Fieldwork In Political Science1-12
POL495Indep Study Political Science1-12

(See also Study Abroad, below)

Religious Studies

REL275Islam:An Introduction3


SOC310Comparative Political Economy 3
SOC380Social and Economic Development 3


SPA365The Culture and Civilization of Spain 4
SPA372Culture of Latin America4

Study Abroad

SAB353Global Engagement Program9

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

WOM340Transnational Feminism3
WOM430Women in the Caribbean3

Note: Selected Topic courses (293, 393, 493) appearing in the Schedule of Classes under International Relations will count as electives in the major or minor.