(21 credits)

A minimum of 21 credits is required, to be selected from the first list of Native American Studies courses below. Up to 6 credits may be taken in courses listed under Related Areas.

ANT305Cultures of South America3
ANT312North American Archaeology 3
ANT314New York State Archaeology 3
ANT434Archaeological Field School 9
HIS308Indians of New York State 3
HIS309Indians of the United States 3
HIS310Indians of the Eastern Woodlands 3

Related Areas

ANT315Historical Archaeology 3
ECO418Economics of Development 3
GEO351Geography of the United States and Canada3
GEO393Geography Selected Topic3-12
HIS303The Empire State 3
HIS321Colonial America 3
HIS393History Selected Topic3-12
SOC220Social Inequality in the United States 3
SOC315Race and Ethnicity 3