The minor in Medieval & Early Modern Studies requires 18 credits, consisting of courses from at least three academic departments. At least two Medieval courses (6 credits) and at least two Early Modern courses (6 credits) must be included. Courses may be selected from the lists below or with the approval of the MEMS program coordinator.

Up to 9 credits may count for this minor and another minor or major.

List 1: Medieval

ARH363Early Medieval Art 3
ARH364Later Medieval Art: Gothic 3
ARH387Art of the Islamic World 3
ENG404Medieval Literature 4
HIS207Medieval Europe 4
HIS346The Black Death 3
HIS348Medieval Society 3
HIS355Medieval Towns3
HIS362Medieval Spain3
HIS365Jihad and Crusades3
HIS371Jews in the Middle Ages 3
POL220Athens and Jerusalem: Political Thought in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds4

List 2: Early Modern

ARH361Art of the Renaissance in Italy 3
ARH362Northern European Painting from Van Eyck to Bruegel 3
ARH390Italian Renaissance Painting 3
ARH391Baroque Painting 3
ARH442Eighteenth-Century Arts 3
BLK231Development of Afro-Latin Amer. Civilization (1492-1825) 3
BLK301Survey of Pre-Colonial Africa to 1800 3
BLK311Blacks in the Caribbean, 1492-Present 3
BLK450The Portuguese in Africa 3
ENG405Elizabethan Literature 4
ENG406Shakespeare I: Selected Works 4
ENG407Shakespeare II: Selected Works 4
ENG408Seventeenth-Century Literature 4
ENG413Eighteenth-Century English Literature 4
ENG414The Rise of the Novel 4
ENG470Major Authors4
HIS214Modern Europe4
HIS277LTN AM History to 18254
HIS321Colonial America 3
HIS322The American Revolution 3
HIS349Renaissance and Reformation 3
HIS350Early Modern Europe 3
HIS351The Enlightenment3
HIS352Science, Magic, and Religion in the 17th c.3
HIS354Early Modern Cities3
HIS357History of England From 1485-18153
HIS470Age of "Discovery" 1415-1780 3
ITA331Italian Literature in English I 3
PHI215Modern Philosophy3
PHI372Political and Social Philosophy3
POL323Sovereigns, Subjects, and the State: Modern Political Thought4
SPA468Golden Age Prose 3
SPA469Golden Age and Colonial Literature3

List 3: Medieval or Early Modern1

ENG303Introduction to British Literature4
FRN375French Literature before 1800 4
PHI311Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy 3

Note that courses on List 3 can be counted towards the Medieval or Early Modern course requirement but not both.