(18 credits)

At least nine (9) of the required 18 credits should be from courses outside the student's major department.

Required Courses (12 Credits)
LIN201Intro To Linguistics 3
Select two of the following:6
Etymology and Morphology
Select one of the following:3
Language and Culture
Language Development in Children
Development of Modern English
Electives (6 Credits)
Select two courses from any of those listed above (excluding the four taken as required) or any of those listed below:6
Culture, Self & Meaning
Black English: Language and Culture
Elementary American Sign Language 1
or CMD102
Elementary American Sign Language 2
Nonverbal Communication
Communication Among Cultures
Communication and Gender
Linguistics Selected Topic
Indep Study Linguistics
Linguistic Selected Topic
Modular Course
Linguistic Selected Topics
Fieldwork in Linguistics
Indep Study Linguistics
Symbolic Logic
Philosophy of Language
Total Credits18