(30-42 credits)

Required Courses (6 Credits)
LAM270Introduction to Latin American Studies 3
Senior capstone experience3
Content Courses (24 Credits)
These credits must be taken from at least four (4) different departments, distributed as follows:24
Group A: Social Sciences (at least 6 credits)
Cultures of South America
History of Slavery in the Americas
Latinx America
International Relations of the Americas
Latin American Politics
Race and Ethnicity
Social Movements
Race, Class, and Gender
Race, Crime and Punishment
Immigration & Identity
Race Gender and Performance
Women in the Caribbean
Other courses by advisement, including selected-topics courses (XXX293, XXX393, XXX493)
Group B: Humanities: History, Literature & the Arts (at least 9 credits)
Development of Afro-Latin Amer. Civilization (1492-1825)
Introduction to Afro-Brazilian History
Blacks in the Caribbean, 1492-Present
Black and Latino Child Lit
History of Slavery in the Americas
Francophone Cultures
LTN AM History to 1825
Ltn AM History Since1825
Environmental History of Latin America
History of Mexico
Latinx America
Culture of Latin America
Survey of Latin American Literature
Latin American and Caribbean Novel
Modern Latin@ American Drama and Performance
Afrolatina/o American Literature
Dominican Identity
Growing up Latina/o in the United States
Latin American & Caribbean Cinema
Music & Culture Identity in the Caribbean
Latin American Drama and Performance
Race Gender and Performance
Other courses by advisement, including selected-topics courses (XXX293, XXX393, XXX493)
Language Proficiency (0-12 Credits)
Language proficiency in Spanish, French or Portuguese through the Intermediate II (202) Level, or demonstrated proficiency in another widely spoken language of the region0-12
Total Credits30-42