(20-22 credits)

  • A grade of at least C- in Department of Digital Media & Journalism (DMJ) courses is required for credit toward the Journalism minor.
  • This minor requires an internship (DMJ461 Legislative Gazette or DMJ490 Internship in Digital Media/Journalism) and corequisite seminar (DMJ491 Internship Seminar) totaling at least 4 credits. Students may fulfill the internship at the Legislative Gazette or elsewhere or may combine internship experiences to meet this requirement.
Required Core Courses (16-18 Credits)
DMJ210Investigating the News3
DMJ230Journalism 14
Select one of the following:3-4
Public Affairs Reporting
Feature Writing
Journalism II
Select two of the following:6-7
Digital Storytelling
Arts Writing
The Literature of Journalism
Media Ethics
Mass Media Law
Multimedia Editing and Publishing: The Little Rebellion
Capstone Seminar in Multimedia Reporting
Ottaway Seminar
Picture Culture
Internship and Seminar (4 Credits)
DMJ461Legislative Gazette3
or DMJ490 Internship in Digital Media/Journalism
DMJ491Internship Seminar1
Total Credits20-22