The minor requires at least 18 credits.

Foundation Course: Biology (3-4 Credits)
Select one of the following:3-4
Evolution for Everyone
General Biology II
and Gen Bio 2 Lab 1
Foundation Courses: Other Disciplines (3 Credits)
Select 3 or more credits from the following:3
Principles of Biological Anthropology
Human Evolution
Evolution and Human Health
Historical Geology 1
Evolutionary Psychology 1
Evolutionary Studies Seminar (3 Credits)
EVO301Evolutionary Studies Seminar (may be taken twice)3
Content-Area Courses (6 Credits)
Select six or more credits from different departments/programs:6
General Anthropology
Human Osteology
Love, Sex and Marriage: Anthro Perspectives
Nature & Science in 19th Century American Art
Introduction To Animal Life
Cancer Biology
Modern Biotechnology
Insects and Human Society
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy 1
and Genetics Lab 1
Animal Physiology 1
Evolutionary Theory 1
Animal Behavior 1
Race and Racism in US Hist 2
Women In Literature 1,2
Victorian Literature 1,2
Literature, Evolution, and the Brain 1
Literature and Culture in the Age of Darwin 1
Evolution of Art: Biology and Philosophy
Paleontology 1
Exploring the Solar System
Exploring the Universe
Social Psychology 1
Personality 1
History & Systems of Psychology 1
Learning 1
Psychology of Women 1
Infancy and Childhood 1
History of World Dress

Courses have prerequisites.


Courses may or may not count for credit toward the minor. Please consult with the Evolutionary Studies program director for a decision.